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Children’s dentistry


“My name is Jan. I am 5 years old. I like cartoons and computer games the most. And I hate COMMERCIALS – those in which some people in white appear and buzz with some buzzing machines inside other people’s mouth. My mum says they are called DENTISTS and something else, that I just can’t pronounce.

The day has come when my mum announced that we are going to the DENTIST’s. I thought to myself: this will not be good. And so mom and I were off to the DENTIST’s. We opened the door and entered the room called the WAITING ROOM. It doesn’t look that bad, especially because I saw toys in the corner and a basket full of my favorite comics. This could be a kind of a playroom. Then, another door open and SHE appears – like the one from the COMMERCIAL – all in WHITE. She gives her hand to my mum and then to me. What is it with her? I am a child, I do not shake hands, but ok, I still give her a hand and quietly say my name.

Then SHE (the DENTIST) takes us in another room with a strange name: DOCTOR’S SURGERY and takes us to some interesting chairs. She tells me I don’t have to sit in it – I can sit in my mum’s lap. Great, if something goes wrong, my mum will defend me. She takes a bunch of comics out of one drawer. I like that, but then I see those are all comics about teeth. I knew this was a trap. She began telling the story about DENTISTS AND DENTAL CHAIRS and told me to freely squeeze buttons on the chair to go up, down, forward, backward, pour water into a glass. Hey, this lady is really strange, not even my mum lets me touch anything in the store or at her workplace. I use the given freedom so I jump on the DENTAL CHAIR and try everything out. Within the dental chair is a table on which there is a small mirror and a pointy thing, it looks like a needle. SHE says it’s called PROBE or COUNTER by which we count teeth. I had to stretch my fingers so she could show me how it feels when the teeth are being counted. I am sure that she will poke me, but I don’t want her to see that I am afraid so I stretch my hand and she really simply tickles me. I am still suspicious.

And I knew it, SHE took that mask (the one doctors wear) and put it over her mouth, not to sneeze in me, then she took out some crumpled gloves, inflated them like balloons and told me to give her “high five”. Good, I like that. The time come for me to open my mouth wide, wide, so she could count my teeth. I am still in my mother’s lap and I am thinking: o.k., my mum will smack her if something goes wrong. And really, SHE – the DENTIST – takes the small mirror and PROBE and tickles my teeth a bit. Man, what can I say, it really doesn’t hurt at all.

And the best thing is, that as a reward for showing my teeth, I got a toy from the DENTIST for free! They have a drawer full of toys and you can choose whichever one you want.

I think mum was mistaken. We weren’t at the dentists but in some crazy PLAYROOM.

Maša Ikonomov Tepšić, DMD

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