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Impladent is certified to work with multiple implantation systems (straumann, nobel biocare, astra, megagen, impla, etc).

Planning all implant procedures is done by using 3D software which enables the patient to be introduced with the entire procedure prior to implantation.

We emphasizethat we do not have any contractual obligations with any of the implantology manufacturers which enables us to individually choose the implant for each patient.

Impladent is associated with the patients, not with the manufacturers which makes a difference.

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Thanks to the latest technology and the application of biological tissues design CONCEPT ONE allows implant procedure in one visit, thus avoiding multiple operations and significantly reducing the time until the final prosthetic work.



Impladent enables each patient free examination and detailed consultation. This is the first, for us the most important, part of the implant procedure to which we introduce the patient, his oral and general health status, aspirations and expectations.


In order to be able to accurately plan the procedure, we use the intraoral photos, RVG snapshots, panoramic X-RAY and CBCT Please note that all patients are provided with free CT!


By using all diagnostic methods, the special 3D software, we plan the treatment and allow the patient to become familiar with the complete implant procedure even prior to the procedure ( “virtual implantation”).


Implant procedure is a quick and completely painless treatment, after which the patient can continue with the activities on the same or on the next day.


After the formation of bone tissue and gums (gingiva) followed by taking an impression and creating a prosthetic substitute – your new and more beautiful teeth!
Congratulations, you have got a new and healthy smile!


Tissue Design

In modern implantology the biggest challenge is replacement of (augmentation) lost bones and soft tissue.

PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is the dominant method that enables the growth of new tissue.This is the only method that uses only autologous biological material (blood) of the patient without any additives. Impladent is certified to work withPRF by the very author of the methods – prof. Josepha Choukrouna.


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